Boundaries Marks. Kaunas

Boundaries Marks. Kaunas. Dance and sound performance-tour

An excursion-performance during which modernist architecture and interwar Kaunas are presented. This is the city that joined the race with other European cities and reached its goal: it was named the Little Paris, and in 2017, the architecture of Kaunas was included in the UNESCO tentative list as one of the greatest early examples of regionalism in the history of the Modern Movement
architecture. The synthesis of sound and dance performance allows experiencing the stories of the buildings and people of the interwar period. It allows the spectator to widen the limits of the perception of the city and sometimes even immerse oneself in the course of the performance. Historical figures (particularly women), realities and curiosities of the period are especially important in the performance. During the excursion, each participant hears compositions of historical-imaginative texts, music and sounds, and observes the interpretations of modern dance in various city spaces. This excursion-performance is a rebirth of the innovative, theatralized excursions, first presented in 2017.

Director: Agnija Šeiko.
Composer: Kristijonas Lučinskas.
Writer: Sondra Simana.
Choreography: Indrė Puišytė-Šidlauskienė.
Consultant for history: Jolanta Kančienė.
Premiere: 2017.

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