Indrė Puišytė - Šidlauskienė

Dance for everyone!

A choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, dance discipline lecturer, organizer of educational programs and initiator of projects, who is always open to the disciplines of art and culture and their syntheses. Her biography boasts of numerous interdisciplinary projects that united artists from different fields and were carried out both on theatre stages and in non‐traditional spaces. In her work, Indrė focuses a lot on exploring new forms, feeling and understanding the body; during her movement activities, she includes people with different physical abilities, and also organises and hosts social‐educational programmes. She connects a variety of different artistic genres and forms in her creations.

Her works of the last few years share the focus on sensitive social topics which address the issues that are often uncomfortable but relevant to the society. Works Awarded the prize of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania,have received the “Fortūnos” award by the Kaunas theatre and an award in the Festival of Professional Lithuanian Theaters of  Dalia Tamulevičiūtė.

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