Movement of PinoKeys

Movement of PinoKeys. City performance of 7 parts

The idea of the performance is based on a bidirectional view of the Pinocchio character: understanding oneself as a growing personality that aims to fit the definition of a “good person” and tries to fit in, and the public attitude towards each person that does not fit the “norms”. The performance aims to manifest a social position, to propose a new model of behaviour and a new relationship with the group of “others”, “fakes”. It aims to set a precedent for crowd empathy which would lead to unifying and cooperative attitudes rather than destructive and divisive ones. During the performance, professional stage artists create together with disabled people

Creative artists: Andra Kavaliauskaitė, Petras Lisauskas, Lina Laura Švedaitė, Jurgis Jarašius, Indrė Puišytė Šidlauskienė, Vytautas Gasiliūnas, Dominykas Vaitiekūnas.
Author and director of the idea: Indrė Puišytė Šidlauskienė.
Playwright: Lina Laura Švedaitė.
Composer: Kristijonas Lučinskas.
Costume designer: Radvilė Kisieliūtė.
Premiere: 19 August 2021.

Partners/funded by: Kaunas City Chamber Theatre, “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”. “Movement of PinoKeys” is part of the project “The Inclusive Platform for the Perfoming Arts”.

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