Author name: darius.kumpauskas


Balcony. Dance performance The project is not about how we move, but how we are moved by the environment we are in. How the changing environment affects my body, its movement possibilities, what stories are created as a result, the perspectives of the dancers and the audience. How the environment we are in can help …

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Boundaries. Interactive Experiential Dance Performance The first contemporary dance performance in Lithuania for visually impaired adults allows blind and sighted audiences to experience dance in the dark, through senses. The idea of the performance is based on the perception of personal space and external space. Humans and their environment exist within the boundaries of reciprocal …

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Inch By Inch

Inch By Inch. Dance performance-tour This performance-excursion in the interwar Žaliakalnis (an elderate in Kaunas) is a performative event that directly involves the members of the Žaliakalnis community, as well as young and professional artists, and introduces the living memory and history of the Žaliakalnis residents. The performance is a shared project of the dance …

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